November 18, 2018

Interview: Sailing Around the World in Just Under 3 1/2 Years

I recently had the pleasure to meet this guy named Tim. Tim is a PhD from MIT and he’s been sailing around the world for almost three years. His boat’s name is Slick and they have had quite the adventure together. Check out the interview below and then go read some of his stories on his... Read More

Sailing Singlehanded to the San Juans

  Singlehanded Sailing to the San Juan Islands on SV Time and Tide, a 33′ Carter 3/4 Ton IOR sloop.

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Five Reasons Why I’m Addicted to Running

Hi, my name is Brian (66) and I'm a running addict. I recently had a conversation with a family member about working out. She told me that she hated cardio. I responded with the statement that I'm addicted to running (and cycling). It took me awhile to realize this. In fact, it took me ...

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Part II: An Open Letter to the National Maritime Center or Why My Military Sea Service Should Count Towards a Merchant Mariner Credential

I recently applied for, fought like crazy (almost an entire year) and then, finally, received my Merchant Mariner Credential from the United States Coast Guard. What does that mean? It means I’m a licensed Captain, by the USCG, and can operate a vessel under 100 gross tons and get paid for it. ...

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Part I: A Primer on How To Get Your USCG Captain’s License

If you want to take people out on your boat and get paid for it, or if you want the prestige of being recognized by the USCG as a licensed Captain, then you’re most likely looking at their Operator of Un-inspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV) credential. With this Merchant Mariner Credential, ...

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Thoughts, Tips, Techniques & Tactics for Singlehanded Sailing

Andrew Evans, a singlehanded sailor out of Victoria Canada wrote the book on singlehanded sailing, literally. It’s a free download in PDF format. Check it out here. This guy is has spent more time sailing singlehanded than most of us will be able to accomplish in a life time. I’m a guy that ...

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